What we do

Our services

We live to elevate your brand, and bring your vision and dreams to life through creative design and brand strategy. Working with clients to find the perfect visual identity for your business, project, campaign or event is our world. We enable you to build a stronger brand. 

We take great pride in creating distinctive, memorable and relevant work that stands the test of time, and to help you build a reputable brand identity, uniquely customised with care and consideration. Great branding goes well beyond your logo. Every element should have purpose and clarity, it should be adaptable, stable, confident and memorable. While a logo is part of your brand, it’s not the entire story, so we go beyond creating logos. Bringing elements of design and visual communications together to help you build and tell your brand story is what we do best. We look at the big picture and the details of how your brand works in different spaces from print and digital, to large scale advertising and events.

Visual brand creation

A brand is so much more than a logo, and it goes beyond your favourite colours and fonts. Anyone can create a brand, even without knowing it, but creating a strong brand that works for your business takes insight, consistency and care.

Your brand is the experience created for your customers at every touchpoint throughout your organisation. From the voice and narrative, to the visual identity and the personality of your business, your brand serves a purpose and has an important job to do within your organisation.

We love to launch a new brand and we know the impact a strong brand has. We help you create a complete brand that visually communicates your brand identity and makes an impact.

Brand management
We oversee all aspects of your brand to ensure everything is aligned. We make certain your brand story, personality and visual identity are speaking the same language, which in turn builds the trust of your audience.
Managing your brand includes social media, art direction, merchandise, physical spaces where you work, uniforms, events you hold and more.
We set up templates and work with your team, create brand guidelines and provide brand workshops for your staff.
Ninety three percent of all  communication is visual, and the visual language is all around us. Our goal is to create beautiful work which speaks to your audience in the right way.
Merchandise and print management

Your promotional, uniform and printed materials should align with your brand. We reduce your workload when it comes to sourcing quotes, researching products, liaising with suppliers, creating and preparing mock ups and artwork according to production specifications, manage proofs and delivery arrangements.

We work with printers and suppliers across Australia and overseas, covering a wide range of specialised products. We find the right supplier for your exact needs and preferences, taking price, service, timeframes and quality into account.

Our in-depth understanding of the important considerations for production and printing mean that we design accordingly. We ask the right questions to determine the best and most efficient way forward for your brand, business and your audience.

Brand workshops

We love to share our expertise and passion for creating strong brands. Our workshops allow you and your staff space and time to consider and learn about the importance of branding, providing you with an ongoing investment in your brand.

Our workshops will enrich your organisation with greater knowledge and motivation to create a strong brand, while also providing us with information on where your brand could be improved and strengthened to provide you with clear direction.

Engaging and thought-provoking activities and discussion often spark ideas, and allow staff to share their unique insights.

Support your business and encourage staff to become ambassadors for your brand.

Physical spaces

Your office space or shopfront sets an immediate impression. There are many considerations including the colours and style of the decor, the artwork, signage and more. 

We have years of experience and a passion for creating a strong impression through branding. With qualifications in both interior and graphic design, and experience in event and exhibition design, we work with our clients and industry experts, to create spaces that add to the story of your brand.

We manage design and production of signage, art direction and provide direction and ideas on creating personality to the spaces you work in and from.

Event branding

We have a diverse range of skills to bring the many moving parts and important details together and make it visually aligned to your brand.

We present themes for your event to align with your brand, and work with your team to deliver the best solutions for your event. We consider all the details and the big picture, and design all the materials required including signage, invitations, programs, presentations, sponsorship documents, social media, and more.

We also manage printing and production requirements and liaise with printers, suppliers, venues and event planners, to ensure all print and digital materials for the event are ready to make an impression for and to make your event something to remember. We bring your event to life!