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At Smack Design, we live to elevate your brand and bring your vision and dreams to life through creative design and brand strategy. We believe in clever and creative thinking, along with skill, knowledge and awareness of the ever-changing world and the ways we communicate.

We have worked with large corporations, government, small business, not-for-profits, entertainers and bands, festival and event organisers. We bring passion, skill, understanding, knowledge and fun to every job, and we work with you to help you communicate your message visually and in line with your brand to bring the best results.

Also, we like dogs.

The Smack Pack

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Susan Mackell

Designey, nerdy brand stuff

Susan began her artistic career as a toddler armed only with a thick, permanent, black marker, which she used to ‘decorate’ the back of her bedroom door. After a stern talking to, she quickly moved onto scribbling in her school books, drawing portraits of her chickens and colouring in the white patches of her dog.

Susan has built Smack Design through a love of creating and years of curiosity about what it means to effectively capture an audience, particularly in today’s highly visual and fast-moving world. Susan has always been caught up in a range of creative outlets, including music, writing, glass-work, drawing, sculpture and more. The desire to create, is simply engrained.

Experience and studies over the past 20 years have provided Susan with a unique blend of skills covering graphic design, media arts, photography, communications, technical drawing, map creation, interior and sustainable design. Susan draws on this experience to give a broad insight into every project, with attention to the details and to the big picture.

Tess circle

Tess Gifford

Clever, organisey and creative things

Tess brings a wealth of creativity, knowledge and happy vibes to the studio. Fuelled by the need to create, Tess has an artful eye, developed over years of artistic and creative adventures.

Tess also has a keen interest in wellbeing and the human body and has been practicing as a Bowen and Massage Therapist for the past 15 years. Running her one-woman body work business while raising two kids and a stream of much-loved fur babies, while also being involved in various charitable and community groups, ongoing study and extended family commitments, Tess just knows how to get it done. 

Tess contributes her clever and artistic insight to most of our projects, while also managing the studio, administration, accounting tasks, print management, writing and proof-reading, plus a wide range of random assignments such as sourcing the right Godzilla figurine for a client project. Everyone could use a Tess in their lives, and we’re so fortunate to have this very cool one on our team!

Billy circle


Security, good boy, OH&S, team building

Billy is sunshine in a (very) furry coat! He’s always busy and usually has multiple projects on the go, including collecting tennis balls, hiding treats from his furry sister Karen, and rolling around on his back until he gets a belly rub. His favourite place to stop and rest is the by the window so he can keep a watchful eye on things.

We all know OH&S is quite serious, and Billy likes to make sure everyone gets up frequently to let him in or out for regular patrols. Billy is a very good boy and is just excited by life, which he expresses with an ever-wagging tail. Billy excels at keeping feet, and hearts, warm.

Karen circle


Adorable complaints, yoga, social club

Karen is quick on her feet (if she wants to be) but in the name of self-care she’s usually tending to her beauty sleep instead. When things get ruff, she may lodge adorable and stampy complaints, but she’s a great listener and is always ready for a brainstorming session, showing interest with her expressive ears and intense stare.

Karen has an extensive wardrobe, but she prefers to attend meetings without clothes because she’s a free spirit, or maybe she likes to show off her muscular physique. Her infectious energy brings joy to the studio, and she’s always ready for hugs. She is smugly aware that her velvety head is therapeutic to the humans.

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